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Montessori vs traditional school

Montessori School

Traditional school

Mixed age groups- children may learn “horizontally” from observation of other children’s work, directly or indirectly.

Same age groups- children are grouped chronologically to suit teachers’ pre-planned class lessons.

Focus on developing the child’s wholesome personality.

Focus on imparting maximum quantum of knowledge.

Curriculum is structured for each child.

Curriculum is structured for the whole class.

Child is free to choose activities based on their own interest and abilities.

Teacher decides what the child has to learn.

Child is free to discover on his/her own.

Constant guidance by the teacher.

Allow the child to learn at his/her own pace.

Progresses at teachers’ pace.

Emphasis is on the child.

Emphasis on teacher.

The learning process develop cognitive structures and social skills.

The teaching process focuses on memorizing and social skills.

Organized program for learning self-care and care of environment.

Self-care and care of environment are primarily left to parents.