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Welcome to preschool Montessori Stepping Stones

Welcome to Montessori Stepping Stones. My name is Karolina Piskorska, I finished my studies in Psychology with a Master’s degree. I’ve been working in the Montessori preschool as a teacher for the last 11 years. After joining a Montessori preschool in Warsaw 11 year ago, I found that teaching gave me the opportunity to draw out the inner talents of all children, and match the curriculum to my students’ specific needs - emotional, social and academic. I can see it every day in the children under my care. Inspired by this method I did two Montessori course for children from 3-6 years old and for toddlers (from birth to 3 years old). I‘ve also been working as an Instructor in the Polish Montessori Institute for 5 years. I am trying to help other people (future teachers) and inspire them with the Montessori method, helping them develop an interest in this educational method and show them how children can progress from the very first days of their lives.

Montessori preschool Warszawa

After this time working in the different Montessori preschool I got a lot of experience and in 2017 I got the opportunity to open my own preschool which allows children the freedom to explore, develop and evolve at their own pace. Montessori stepping stones is intimitate, international, English-speaking kindergarten located in Powsin. We follow the Montessori Philosophy which emphasizes the individuality of each child. We welcome all children from the ages of 1,5 years to 6 years old. We believe that children are rich in potential, gifted and independent approach of learning. We do our best to ensure that your child’s school experience is an enjoyable and fruitful one. Our goals are to facilitate the individual development of the child, both physical and mental, through a system that is focused on spontaneous use of the human intellect. Also to reinforce the child’s innate love of learning and exploration that will last throughout all their future life. They will grow to become happy and successful adults.

Our building is spacious and classes are suitable and prepared for children. Due to the fact that our children spend most of their time in kindergarten, we have made every effort to spend that much time in the most family and friendly environment. All equipment, tables, chairs, shelves are children-sized and variety of materials that range from simple to more complex are invited children to work. Children have a lot of space and freedom to work not only on the tables but also on the mats.

The extension of the preschool class is our large garden where each child will find something for themselves. Children go outside every day during the day because spending time outside is very important for children not only for their nature health but also stimulates their imagination and develops executive functioning skills. Our garden is the perfect place to observe and explore nature, run, play in the sandbox, playground and play different games e.g. football. At the back of the garden is a tennis court where children will be able to learn to play tennis in the future.

We also have a gymnastic room for gymnastics and dance classes. Our recreation room is a place where, even in bad weather, children will be provided with plenty of exercise and movement.
The entire center area was carefully planned and equipped. We believe we have succeeded in creating the most child-friendly environment possible and we believe that your children will love it!